Welcome to Elemiah Massage!

Elemiah Massage is the massage practice for the treatment of physical ailments, such as back pain, neck pain, repetitive strain injury (RSI), frozen shoulder, tension headache, general stiffness, chronic ailments, postural insufficiency, psychosomatic complaints, etcetera. Through an intense and deep tissue massage, complaints are being alleviated or cured. The massage might be a bit painful at times, but after several times you will experience the massage becoming more and more relaxating, eventually leading to a state of well being of both body and mind.

My practice is open on Tuesday, Wednesday, Friday and Sunday.

Bookings by email, Signal Messenger or text message have my preference (I have no Whatsapp).
Payments can be made cash or by bank transfer (no pin).

I am looking forward to welcoming you soon!

Kimm Boum Bletterman