Kimm is very professional. I came to her with the first signs of RSI pain and she really made my pain go away after several massages. Since then I have no more pain in my arms from RSI. I have been a client of Kimm´s for 2 years now and I´m so happy that every time I go, I feel better and I can do my dancing and sports without any problems again.


If you are looking for the ultimate massage, look no further. I have been visiting Kimm, owner of Elemiah Massage, and have found her massages to be outstanding. Yesterday was my 6th visit and I was so relaxed that I had to be woken up at the end of my session. Kimm is very professional and believes in what she does. Not only is she an excellent masseuse but she also cares about the customer. Time is spent with the customer at the beginning and end of each session where all concerns can be discussed and/or a friendly chat about how you feel after the massage. For many years I have been visiting various massage specialists and in my opinion Elemiah is by far the best. I have no hesitation in recommending Elemiah to all my friends and colleagues. Also, no need to worry about missing an appointment as Kimm sends you a friendly reminder by SMS the day before your appointment is due – hows that for service!

I’ve been living in the Netherlands for almost three years and, in this this period, I must have tried 5 different massage places with no luck in finding that one massage that combines relaxation, therapeutic effect (I also have problems with my posture, which result in some back and shoulder pain), weight loss and, last but not least, enjoyment. Well, my 2.5 year search was completed when I found Kimm. Not only do her massages fulfill all 4 requirements, but she also throws in a fun and friendly atmosphere, which keeps you looking forward for that massage appointment.

Kimm is the best masseuse in the world! Her strong hands can relax the tightest muscles. Her work on my lower back has kept me able to play golf. Her friendly and welcoming manner, along with the ambience of her salon make for a wonderful experience. A bargain for the price!

Elemiah Massage has changed my life. I was a poor creature with a constant pain in my back and shoulders due to my sitting position at work. Since I’ve been going every week for Elemiah Massage pain is gone, I feel fit and happy and, last but not least, I feel and look 10 years younger.

I was introduced to Elemiah Massage by a colleague, and did not know how much stress I had been dealing with nor the effects on my body. Kimm is not only a great masseuse but has a wonderful personality that puts you at ease while she cures your aches and pains. I look forward to my weekly session, and always feel great afterwards. Like Melita says in here comments, I feel and look much younger. Thank you Kimm PS: Try it once and you will be hooked.