I am specialized in the treatment of the following ailments:

Back pain
Neck pain
Repetitive strain injury (RSI)
Frozen shoulder
Tension headache
General stiffness
Chronic ailments
Postural insufficiency
Psychosomatic complaints
Arthrotic pains
Arthritic pains

Acute or less acute injuries
Promotion of recovery after surgery

At Elemiah Massage a deep, therapeutic fascial (connective tissue) massage is being applied through frictions. Frictions are circular movements applied with the fingers on a specific location on the body. Length frictions are also applied along the attachments of the muscles. Frictions can be painful, especially at the beginning of the massage. They reduce muscle tension, stimulate the blood flow (and thus the healing process), and above all break down inferior connective tissue which causes persistent complaints. Subsequently, healthy tissue can regenerate again. Your body experiences a “clean up” process which gives you an immediate sense of relaxation, and longer term pain reduction.

Besides the actual massage, it is also possible to focus on the cause of the complaint which could be either physical or emotional in nature. A regular program of massage therapy will help you to achieve and sustain positive changes, in both your physical and emotional health. All massage forms at Elemiah Massage are based on the therapeutic fascial massage, and are tailored to your specific needs. Nevertheless, the massage area and the intensity of the massage may differ on request, depending on the aim of the massage.

The aim of the massage can be the treatment of specific complaints, relaxation, revitalisation, the improvement of sports performance or the decrease of cellulite.